Disease Management – A Proactive Approach To Healthcare Delivery

Disease management is a promising concept for improving care and quality of life for patients with chronic conditions. Disease management programs are pretty effective in quickly diagnosing and treating chronic conditions. Integrated care prevents the disease’s effects and results in reduced healthcare costs.

Our compassionate healthcare providers empower patients to manage their disease, practice self-care and prevent complications. Asthama, Hypertension, Bipolar disorder, Diabetes, Schizophrenia, or Substance Use Disorder, if you are diagnosed with one or more of these problems, you should reach out to Addis Health Services for disease management..

Prevent Complications & Achieve Better Health Outcomes

Acute health conditions can appear out of nowhere, whereas chronic conditions produce ongoing symptoms. The necessary treatments, procedures, and prescriptions needed to manage the symptoms of illnesses fall under disease management. Addis Health Services provide acute and chronic disease management.

Living with chronic illnesses can be quite a difficult task for the patient. If you have a team of experts on your side who can help you effectively manage your disease, it can also significantly reduce your risk for complications.