Prioritize Your Mental Health

Mental health conditions of psychiatric illnesses can cause severe damage to your life if not diagnosed and treated correctly. Addis Health Services has behavioral health professionals who provide comprehensive mental health care services for patients of all ages. We stay with you, so you don’t have to face those challenges alone. Our mental health experts treat several psychiatric conditions that affect your mental well-being with customized, compassionate care.

Therapy and self-care work perfectly fine for some patients to treat their disorders, but sometimes medication becomes necessary along with the therapy. Anxiety, ADHD, & depression are those kinds of mental illnesses that require medication. Once medication gets involved in patients’ treatment, medication management becomes necessary. We have mental therapy specialists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners who monitor your medication intake and ensure it is working right for you.

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The Right Counseling That You Need

Behavioral health conditions can lead to drug use or addiction. Trauma is a factor that can cause mental health struggles and substance abuse. When you combine both these things, it is called dual diagnosis.

Addis Health Services understands that such recovery requires a great deal of mental and emotional strength. We provide the counseling and support that you need during the recovery process.